November 2016 Artist



The artist of the month for November is Lebanon resident Jim Wesolowski. Jim has been working with stone for more than a quarter century. Starting with New England dry-stack stone walls, his interests have branched out over the years to include sculpture, wood-craft, photography, watercolors, forged iron work, and coopering.


His sculpture has been exhibited at the Mystic Art Association and his folk wood-craft has been on display at the Mystic Maritime Art Gallery. He is also the author of Sighting By Eye: Selected Essays Of A Ruminative Stonemason.


Jim has long had an abiding love for design, particularly in the placement of shape and color. Stone is just one piece of the puzzle, only a beginning. There is an underlying feel to the arrangement of all in nature, animate and  inanimate. To find that right balance, from the placement of a stone, to the lightness of a brush stroke, is the hope of his work.



















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