October 2016 Artist
Kelly Wood


Statement from the Artist:

     The artist of the month for October is Lebanon resident Kelly Wood. Kelly experiences art to express emotions, heal, play, and to connect to herself, others and nature. Her view on life is that it is exciting, magical and infinitely interesting as long as the mind is open and creating. Pencil/markers, watercolor, collage, and acrylic paint are her favorite tools of expression at the moment. Crafting zentangles and intuitive painting combined with collage are two of Kellyís most recent explorations. She has participated in the annual library and Hygenic art shows during the last two years.

       Kelly expressed an affinity for creating at an early age, constructing art out of any materials at hand. The bulk of her formal art instruction came from her education at Norwich Free Academy. The environment provided an amazing in depth opportunity to explore a variety of mediums and styles. After graduation, a decision to marry and homeschool her two boys happily became the focus of her life. A few college and adult education art classes sprinkled through the years kept her skills alive and now that her youngest son is a senior in high school, her love of art is receiving more attention.

     To keep the creative fires burning Kelly art journals, meditates, gardens, and spends plenty of time in nature. Elizabeth Gilbertís book, The Big Magic, is highly recommended when the creativity stalls or a personal cheerleader is needed. Kelly looks forward to sharing the creative process with other artists and expanding her artistic skills.    










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