Artist of the Month - July, 2015

Wanda Dudek


About the Artist:

Rev Wanda Dudek never considered she had any artistic talent. Shying away from any art classes in high school and college she limited herself to crafts. That all changed seven years ago when she was encouraged to try a prophetic expressionistic art class. It was there she learned the love of drawing and painting.

The class began with the belief that each person has a creative instinct inherited from God the Father. It is a natural part of life to connect with that dynamic Life force and create.  Gradually shapes, colors and light began to come alive for her.

Wanda would still not call herself an artist. Her paintings and drawings are more for her enjoyment than for others. She enjoys the process as much as the finished project. In fact, her favorite painting is one that looks completely different than anticipated or planned. She has dabbled in acrylics, charcoal and pencils. Her favorite is working with acrylics because of the color.

Wanda and her husband, John have lived in Lebanon since they married. Here they raised their three children Tami, Tiki and Ben. Currently they enjoy their seven grandchildren. Wanda loves this town which maintains a unique character because of its beauty, history and people.





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