August 2016 Artist

Grace Preli



Statement from the Artist:

Grace Preli grew up on her family’s farm here in Lebanon and graduated from Mercy High School in Middletown in 2013.
She attended George Washington University in Washington DC for one year but dropped out in order to become a full time student
at the ‘School of Life’. Since, Grace has split her time between the US and Europe. She just returned from her most recent adventure in Ireland
and is currently busy playing in the sun and enjoying life. Wherever she is, she revels in all life has to offer. Whether it’s welding, or watercolor,
poems or photography Grace finds a way to bring who she is into all that she does. "The way we do anything is the way we do everything.
I’m here to express my joy, grace and love in every single thing that I do, in every single moment of the day."












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