General Information

The Jonathan Trumbull Library is the principal public library for all residents of Lebanon, Connecticut.  All residents are entitled to borrow materials without fee.  The library participates in the Connecticard program:  all nonresidents with a valid library card from their Connecticut hometown library may borrow materials from our library and all Lebanon residents may use their library card without fee at all other public libraries in Connecticut. 
Library Cards:
All residents of Lebanon are eligible for free library cards.  Please bring personal identification and proof of address to register for a library card.  A parent/legal guardian  must be present when children register for library cards.  
Loan Periods:
Books, Audio Books, Music CDs,
and Puppets - 3 weeks/1 renewal
Entertainment DVDs - 1 week/0 renewals
New Books
- 14 days/0 renewals
New DVDs
- 3 days/0 renewals
DVDs/Sets - 14 days/0 renewals
Magazines - 14 days/1 renewal 
- 3 days/0 renewals
Circuit (Swap) DVDs
- 3 days/0 renewals
Teachers and homeschoolers may borrow library materials for 6 weeks and may renew for 3 weeks, at the discretion of the librarian.    
Overdue Fines:
An overdue fine of 10 cents per day per item will be charged, to a maximum of $3.00.  Videos are subject to a $.50 per day overdue fine, to a maximum of $5.00.  Museum passes are subject to a $5.00 per day overdue fee.
Internet Access, etc.:
The library is a wireless hotspot offering internet access to patrons with laptops.  Six computers are available with internet access for public computing.  $.15 per page is charged for black and white printing and photocopying.   Color printing is $.50 per page.  Faxes may be sent at $1.00 per page but none may be received.
Policy at the Jonathan Trumbull Library is set by a municipally elected Board of Trustees.